What is More Dangerous—Oversteer or Understeer?

Both oversteering and understeering are dangerous incidents. Indeed, if you look at traffic accident statistics, you will notice both of these issues mentioned quite often as contributing factors. However, one is more dangerous than the other.

Understeering is the result of the car refusing to turn in the direction demanded. The wheels plow on in the original direction even as the driver is turning the steering wheel in another direction. The result may be striking an object or if you have room, a quick stop while you get your bearings. An oversteer is the complete loss of control of the rear end of your vehicle. Whether you are driving on the highway or on Pikeville streets, the oversteer is more dangerous.

As soon as you run into understeer or oversteer problems, come to Bruce Walters Kia. We will inspect your vehicle for any issues that may cause the problem.

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