How to Control Odors in Your Vehicle by Addressing Them at Their Source

Foul odors can easily develop at the interior of vehicles. All it takes is a single spill, a sick child, or a passenger who enjoys smoking. The good news is that Pikeville, KY drivers can effectively eliminate unpleasant smells to preserve the overall value and appeal of their autos. There are few things worse than covering miles in a closed environment that's plagued by a pervasive and unseemly aroma. At Bruce Walters Kia, we're dedicated to giving drivers the top tips in odor control and in overall automotive maintenance.

Clean Up Spills Right After They Occur

Spilled liquids can cause serious issues at the interior of your car if they aren't cleaned up right away. Once the resulting moisture has had the opportunity to seep deeply into the carpeting or upholstery, you can expect to deal with problems like mold, mildew, lingering stains, and unpleasant odors. After a spill occurs, be sure to pull over and gently blot it up. Blotting will collect excess moisture without pushing the spilled liquids deeper into any absorbent fabrics.

General household cleaners will work fine on most interior surfaces. To be safe, however, take the time to test these solutions in small, inconspicuous areas before using them in any large, visible location. If necessary, pick up specialized cleaning products from an automotive store that are designed specifically for treating the intended surfaces, whether these are vinyl, fabric, or leather. To get a thorough, deep cleaning of any affected areas, or professional-grade odor removal, stop by Bruce Walters Kia today.

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