Easy Ways to Restore Headlights at Home

People sometimes come into Bruce Walters Kia and find used cars they like that have foggy headlights. They're usually surprised to learn that they can easily do something about that at home.

In some cases, all you have to do is clean the headlights off to get them looking like new. While it doesn't work on all types of lenses, some people use baking soda or a mild detergent. This is especially useful if they're covered in the kind of road debris you find in Pikeville, KY.

Other drivers have reported that they've been able to use toothpaste and other simple household cleansers to remove just enough material to make their headlights shine like new. Those who find that none of these methods work can pick up an easy-to-use headlight restoration kit. It comes with an abrasive compound that lets you restore foggy lenses in less than ten minutes in most cases.

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