Keep Your Vehicle Running with a Full Tank

A great way to avoid trouble in the cold winter months is to just keep the gas tank topped up with gas. You will avoid running out of gas, and you will also avoid a lot of other issues as well. It is important to limit the amount of air that gets into your gas tank and the more gas that you have, the less air you will have. Air is not necessarily the culprit, but air contains condensation and condensation has the potential to freeze in cold weather.

Keeping your gas tank full will be easier on your vehicle's parts such as the fuel pump. A little prevention goes a long way. Be sure to get your vehicle winterized. Bring your vehicle to us here at Bruce Walters Kia so we can make sure that all of your fluids are winterized and can withstand the colder temperatures of these colder months.

We’re happy to keep your vehicle in top shape at 302 South Mayo Trail!

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