Freshen Up Your Ride's Interior Quickly

If you're about to pick up guests in your car, you're not going to have enough time to do a full detailing job. However, you can do a lot to dramatically improve its cleanliness. All you need is a handful of tools and a few minutes. We want you to be proud of your car, so here are some tips to get the job done in a pinch.

The first step it to get rid of any loose objects floating around the cabin. Whether it's trash, clothes, or sports gear, get it out of the way. Dispose…

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Smart Tips for Carpooling

It can be smart to work with other parents and to set up a carpooling system as a new school year begins. Bruce Walters Kia wants you to be safe and smart in the way that you set up and run that system.

Make sure that those children who need booster seats have seats in the vehicle that will keep them safe. Do not neglect those seats simply because you are using a carpooling system. Create an emergency contact list that you can use to get in touch with all those who have children who are part of the carpool…

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Don't Forget Vehicle Maintenance This Fall

Maintaining your vehicle can guard against sudden engine failure or a flat tire. Ideally, you will make sure that the engine's fluid levels are checked and that the oil is changed. Generally speaking, your oil should be changed every 5,000 miles or so, and the tires should be rotated each time that the oil is changed.

The windshield wipers should be checked to make sure that they can remove water and debris without causing streaks. If there are problems with glass surfaces, they should be remedied during a back-to-school inspection. 

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Do You Know How to Use Your Vehicle's Roof Rack?

When you purchase a vehicle from an automotive dealership, they want you to be comfortable and knowledgeable about the function and use of the vehicle. When you purchase a vehicle that comes equipped with a roof rack, it is vital to understand how to properly use it to avoid any unpleasantries while driving.

If you plan to secure cargo on your roof rack, then there are a few steps to proceed through to do so properly. First, you will want to measure the item to ensure that it fits your vehicle's rack. This should be followed by choosing a…

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Do You Know How Extreme Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

Have you ever noticed that your car was reluctant to turn over in cold weather at well-below freezing temperatures? Car batteries are designed to operate at a range of 50 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. For each 20 degrees drop in temperature, the battery's capacity drops by 20 percent. At -22 Fahrenheit, batteries lose half their power.

Extreme heat is also a problem for batteries. While the battery's capacity actually increases at temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the battery's life is shortened by the extreme heat. You might be surprised to learn that leaving an interior light on…

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Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain can even make the best driver nervous. Even if you are the best driver in the world, many lesser drivers will be significantly impacted by the rain. The water makes everything wet and slippery, while also blocking visibility and making things harder to see. There are many fatal accidents on the roadways during big rainstorms-, especially after a dry spell. These dry spells can lead to contaminants that had been spilled earlier to come to the surface and slick up the roads.

Maintaining good visibility is integral to being a good rain driver.

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How to Load Up Your SUV Safely

As the summer road trip season approaches it is always a good idea to start making sure you are as safe as possible for your next adventure. Packing up your cargo properly can help avoid injuries if you are involved in an accident or need to stop quickly. While it is tempting to pack everything but the kitchen sink into your SUV or minivan, especially if you are traveling with kids, you should make sure that you still have enough room to see clearly out the back window.

When arranging your cargo, try to keep the heaviest items closest to…

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Capture the Extraordinary on a Dash Cam

We have all had those moments in life that were too extraordinary to be believed by those who weren't there to witness. With cameras becoming commonplace on smartphones we rarely find ourselves unable to capture those unbelievable moments, but while driving that isn't possible and can be very unsafe.

Many of us spend several hours a week out on the road, and chances are you have witnessed some pretty incredible things in that time. Whether it is a common fender bender or a meteor entering the atmosphere in a trail of flames and light, a dash cam will…

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The Engine Cooling & Radiator Maintenance Check Points

The cooling system inside your vehicle is made up of many parts that all play an important role in protecting the engine from overheating. These are some of those parts and how important a role they play in the cooling system.

The water pump has the job of moving the coolant back and forth from engine to radiator. A loose belt or leaking bearings could disrupt the system and cause the vehicle to overheat. The radiator fluids need to be flushed from time to time, so they are working optimally in the system. The radiator cap must be the right…

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Signs Your Vehicle Needs Alignment Service

When your vehicle is properly aligned, you'll enjoy a smoother ride, better gas mileage and have your tires last longer. The qualified technicians at our Bruce Walters Kia service department in Pikeville, KY can provide thorough alignment inspection and service and urge you to notice the following signs that your vehicle may be out of alignment.

Uneven wear on your tires is a sure sign that your vehicle needs alignment service. If your wheels have become misaligned due to traveling over numerous bumps and potholes on the roadways in and around the local area...

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