Test Drive Tips and Tricks

A test drive is an opportunity to get a feel for a car before signing on the dotted line. If it performs the way you like and offers all the comfort you need, then you may end up buying the car that day. However, you should do your research before taking a test drive. If you want certain features or you are checking out a used car, there are other factors to consider.

For one, how does the car feel when you drive it over rough roads? Does it feel like the suspension smoothes out the imperfections or does the car struggle to right itself and accelerate? Test driving is essential for discovering the perfect car, but it’s also a good way to learn whether a car’s interior really suits you. Does it connect to your phone easily? Are you able to listen to your Spotify? How do the driver assistance and safety features work?

These features and others are important to look at while inside the car, so spend time with your test drive. We’re ready to help you find the car of your dreams at Bruce Walters Kia. Conveniently located in Pikeville, KY, you can stop by any time for the red carpet experience.

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