The fuel system is a crucial part of the automobile and keeping it functional is crucial to the performance of your car. At Bruce Walters Kia we like to keep you informed about fuel system problems that your car may be having; so, let's go over the tell-tale signs of a bad fuel pump, or fuel filter.

Engine Sputtering

If your engine is sputtering it could mean that there is insufficient fuel provided by the fuel pump, or you could have a partially clogged filter.

Loss Of Power/Gas Mileage

Power loss is another sign that you may have a problem with your fuel pump or filter.

Car Doesn't Start

When you have the key turned in the first position, just before you start the car you should hear the fuel pump start-up, making a humming noise. A good noise to familiarize yourself with, in order to recognize a failed pump.

For all fuel service-related issues, bring your car to us at Bruce Walters Kia.

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