Car Detailing on Your Own. Remove Unwanted Pet Hair with Ease.

You let your pet ride in your vehicle with you. Now your seats and flooring are covered in unwanted pet hair. Follow these simple car detailing tips to quickly clean up the mess.

  • Those pink, foam, Velcro curlers that you have in your beauty stash? They can actually be used for pet hair removal. Simply run them over the hair like a lint roller. They're great for getting into small crevices.
  • A roll of duct tape can remove pet hair in just seconds. Plus, this is an incredibly affordable item to have on hand if you're a pet owner.
  • Pet seat covers and blankets are great ways to protect your seat prior to your pet being let into your vehicle.
  • A handheld vacuum is totally worth the investment if you're a pet owner who often takes their pet on the road with them.
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