Auto-Dimming Technology Protects Drivers at Night

Parties, movies, dates or just plain working late at the office can require that you drive at night. The dark roads, as well as inclement weather or poor driving behavior, can result in safety hazards. Although you might not think of it, your regular rearview mirror can cause a hazard as well. If a driver is behind you and the headlights blind your vision, even briefly, you can easily find yourself in an accident.

Welcome a new advanced rearview mirror technology called an electrochromic mirror. This technology involves two different sensors that can tell when headlights are shining in your mirror. When that occurs, a charge is sent to a special gel, which oxidizes, darkens and fills a slim compartment between the glass in the mirror. This effect means that you'll see the lights without having them interfere with your vision or reaction time.

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