When do You Use Four-Wheel-Drive?

Here at Bruce Walters Kia, our team wants to help our Pikeville, KY customers enjoy their vehicles to the fullest, and if your vehicle has a four-wheel-drive system, then you'll get the most out of this feature if you know when to use 4L and when to use 4H. Let's find out more below.

4H is the high-range four-wheel drive setting. This setting lets you drive at faster speeds than 4L. This setting is ideal when you're dealing with gravel roads and roads that are wet, icy, or snowy. When you're in 4-High, you can travel up to 55 mph if the conditions allow.

4L should be reserved for the most challenging obstacles, which include powering through deep sand, water, or mud. Many drivers use 4L when they're rock climbing, and it's also used for more grip on very steep inclines. When you're in 4L, be sure to keep your speed under 10 mph.

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