A Guide to Brake Fluid

Brake fluid, which may also be called hydraulic fluid, is an important fluid that helps keep your braking system functioning properly. It lies in the brake lines, and without brake fluid, your vehicle wouldn't be able to stop when your foot presses the brake pedal. To help you gain a better understanding of brake fluid, we welcome you to read further.

Brake fluid is manufactured in a silicon-based or glycol-based form. If your vehicle is equipped with an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), it will probably need a glycol-based brake fluid. Automobiles that don't have ABS typically use silicon-based brake fluids. While many individuals have their brake fluid changed every year or every couple of years, it is suggested to speak with one of our service mechanics and use your owner's manual as a guide.

If you need to have your vehicle's brake fluid changed, be sure to schedule an appointment at our service center at Bruce Walters Kia in Pikeville, KY.

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