Don't Ignore Your Belts and Hoses

All parts of your vehicle are important to maintain, but there are some belts and hoses that should never be ignored. The timing belt and coolant hoses on your vehicle are vital to the overall functioning of your vehicle, and if you ignore warning signs that they're going bad, you could end up paying more down the line when another part is damaged.

The timing belt is made of rubber, and it can wear down over time. Without this part, not only will your vehicle not start, but if it breaks when the engine is running, you could ruin that engine. If you hear a whining sound, this is one sign that you might have problems with your timing belt. Coolant belts are another thing that you shouldn't ignore. If you see antifreeze underneath your car, you could have a leak in one of your hoses, and this could lead to your vehicle overheating.

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