Do You Know How to Use Your Vehicle's Roof Rack?

When you purchase a vehicle from an automotive dealership, they want you to be comfortable and knowledgeable about the function and use of the vehicle. When you purchase a vehicle that comes equipped with a roof rack, it is vital to understand how to properly use it to avoid any unpleasantries while driving.

If you plan to secure cargo on your roof rack, then there are a few steps to proceed through to do so properly. First, you will want to measure the item to ensure that it fits your vehicle's rack. This should be followed by choosing a reliable weatherproof bag or box and placing it on the vehicle roof. The bag or box should then be filled to capacity to avoid slippage. Finally, the bag or box should be closed and secured then attached to the roof racks with straps.

Securing your cargo is a vital part of planning your trip. Vehicle readiness is also important. Come see us at Bruce Walters Kia to have your vehicle serviced before heading out on the road.



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