What Makes a Differential So Important?

Differential systems are critical to a car's handling and traction. Their purpose is to take the torque and power generated by the motor and adjust it as needed to the different tires depending on which direction you are turning. In a standard front or rear wheel drive car the differential needs to only worry about two wheels, however, in a four-wheel drive vehicle, all wheels are receiving power. We are able to service your four-wheel drive differential system at Bruce Walters Kia in Pikeville, KY.

If you have ever driven in a four-wheel drive vehicle with a poor differential system, you notice how rough it is especially around turns. The wheels can skip across the concrete, bounce, or lose traction. Newer vehicles with more advanced differential systems are able to more quickly and accurately adjust the power going to each individual tire and largely prevent that from occurring.

If you have a four-wheel drive vehicle that is beginning to act up during turns, it is probably time to bring in for an appointment at our service center and let the expert mechanics inspect your differential system.

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