The Engine Cooling & Radiator Maintenance Check Points

The cooling system inside your vehicle is made up of many parts that all play an important role in protecting the engine from overheating. These are some of those parts and how important a role they play in the cooling system.

The water pump has the job of moving the coolant back and forth from engine to radiator. A loose belt or leaking bearings could disrupt the system and cause the vehicle to overheat. The radiator fluids need to be flushed from time to time, so they are working optimally in the system. The radiator cap must be the right pressure, and the hoses are checked to ensure they are tight and not experiencing any type of failure. The thermostat, belts, hoses, and clamps, and all checked for quality assurance too.

Now you see why it is so important that you bring your vehicle to Bruce Walters Kia to have our team give it a complete cooling system inspection.



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