What to Expect During Seasonal Maintenance at Bruce Walters Kia

Getting your Kia vehicle down to our service center before the changing of the season is a great way to ensure that it will perform at a high level for the unpredictable season ahead. When you bring your vehicle in for seasonal maintenance, this is what your vehicle will be in store for:

  • All of the filters will be removed and replaced with OEM approved auto parts made specifically for your vehicle.
  • If the team spots any issues that need to be repaired, the parts are removed before they become emergencies down the road.
  • Shocks and struts are tested and replaced if they are not performing properly.
  • Battery will be tested and inspected so to make sure it can continue powering all the devices in your vehicle.
  • The fluids will be drained, including the oil, replaced with the correct grade for this season.

At Bruce Walters Kia, we have a team of trained technicians ready to get your vehicle on the lift and serviced as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy the changing of the seasons with complete confidence behind the wheel.

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